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Hello Potential Investors,

My legal name is Russell Rope and I am raising $100M-$10B in equity capital for multiple businesses and real estate development. I am a true original genius and innovative serial entrepreneur who has been self-made since starting a design and development company as a kid in 1995 while also reeling in cash from some ethical hacking on the side. I have several lifework ventures, which are being criminally sabotaged because I am the good kind of loud and disruptive that has been on the radar of the corporations at one-sided war with me since college if not longer; specifically, when it comes to resources and attempts to acquire capital, but I own IP rights, have some new angles, am constantly evolving, times continue to change, and it seems worth pitching again where I am still all in at almost thirty eight, homeless because of multiple brief false imprisonments and grand thefts of my physical property, record expunged with a civil suit @ SCOTUS where I am truly holding the winning hand, and thankful for life enabling me to fight for what is right since I was born on Thanksgiving day in 1982. I am a good, honest, and humble man by natural disposition mostly seeking justice at this point.

The best way to guarantee ROI is in seeking equity investment for my umbrella production company, which is basically the same thing I started when I was twelve, but includes all of my businesses, products, services, legal, and the new addition is real estate as I have been learning architecture and recently introduced a relevant claim to my active federal lawsuit against the racketeering influenced corrupt enterprise that is literally stalking me as I write this message. I am still seeking the same $100M+ that was the right number more than a decade ago, for pretty much the same stakes depending on how much I can raise, but now have much more to offer, new claims, and an exit plan being a buyback with at cap at $1B per $100M and raising up to $1B, which I hope to use mostly as leverage and to return with a quick legal victory. Nevertheless, my businesses are legit and not even as much funding as I am seeking could just as surely earn a profitable return.

For the record, which should be obvious if you read into my legal stuff, I have an urgent need for resources and am a most rational business/man. Investment is ideal, but we not I (because I do have a large network of affiliates and believe in teamwork) are also seeking new connections, clients, sales and distribution, legal support, a worthy contractor partner for construction development, etc. I am not trying to wait for SCOTUS or the next court to deliver. I keep claims maintained and updated daily. Read and take action in joining me on the rise to success.

+ Resume @ https://russellrope.com/blog/?p=30
+ Portfolio Site & Shop @ https://russellrope.com
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+ Real Estate @ https://russellrope.com/blog/?tag=architecture

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