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Daily Stalkers By Category:

- License Plate Stalkers: Read FAC & Evidence
- Name Hack Stalkers: Read FAC & Evidence
- Fashion Stalkers: Read FAC & Evidence
- Overhead Music Stalkers: Losers w/Poor Taste In Music
* Straight Up Harassment, Threats, Trying To Cause Problems, Trying To Misdirect, Trying To Frame Character w/Dumb Mind Games; iAM Headstrong To Take On Anyone & Everyone

- Camera Stalkers: Trying To Take Bad, Exploitative, & Fishing for Drama
- Brand Purchase Stalkers: Trying To Exploit RR
ex) RR Buys "Z" Brand Name Shoes & Gets Stalked By People & Camera Stalkers All Wearing "Z"
- Video Cast Stalkers: Losers Not Working For Me Trying To Cast & Style People In Videos
ex) Sending Stalkers Into The Club To Creep On RR Dressed To Promote A Brand, etc.

- FEAR/Threat Stalkers: "187" Stalkers, Hatchet Bearing Stalkers, Other Weapon Wielding Stalkers
- Assault Stalkers: See Obstruction of Justice & FAC

- Security Stalkers: Ever So Increasing Private Security Guard Presence; Who's Payroll?
* Groups Cars w/Custom Plates Follow & Pass By All Day & Night; Secret Service?

- Stalker Trap Hoes:
* Some Fall Into Multiple Categories Like Camera Stalkers
* Trying To Get Me To Stalk Them: Break Up Relationships, For False Reports/Obstruction Justification, Exploitation
* Framework & Racial Stalkers: ex) Russian Dissent Trap Hoes Cast Like To Fit In w/The Cold Dumb Ugly Bitch Shrink Sister In Law I Want Nothing To Do With (Because Sheriff's Testified That She Lied About Mental Health & Caused Inexcusable Problems; Probably The Main Reason She Was Hooked Up With Loser Younger Brother She Met On Older Brother's Client Website MySpace Who is Suspected To Have Bribed My Web Host With Expensive Ad Campaign)
* Innocent Looking For Love: Usually Downgrades I Will Not Chase & Who Do Not Initiate, So What Is The Point?

* It appears as if wannabe pimp, but in reality human trafficking pieces of shit, are abusing power over GPS technology to stalk where they convinced good judges to stall on my case like it is for love or something, like cock-blocking and then hooking me up when I do not need help creates a forced debt or forgiveness, but the good judges know the truth or have been completely bribed.

GROUP STALKERS BY GEOGRAPHY: (gunna update this more)
- Florida: Really Dumb People My Family Appears To Using To Try & Steal My Life (Dumb not only because their license plates a traceable)
- Russia / Former USSR: Really Dumb People My Family Appears To Using To Try & Steal My Life (more info coming soon/added info above and about dumb sister in law )
- Australia: Really Dumb People My Family Appears To Using To Try & Steal My Life (long story keeps getting more dumb)
- Hardly Relevant In The Grand Scheme: New York, Sweden

(WRQ @ 12/17/18)

More Information Coming Soon....

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