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I am not Christian, but Jesus did save me.

The first time I was falsely imprisoned started with a car computer hack ultimately forcing me into the lying Lost Hills Sheriffs Station and then onto a three day, three mental hospital, and more than three doctor 5150 hold, in reality so the LA County Sheriffs could deny my Carry a Conceiled Weapon ("CCW") permit that should have been issued prior, steal my legal pistol, and get me both kicked out my parents' house and out of their corrupt way. I could and most probably would have been held longer-to-life had I not got caught reading the bible in bed on the last night before the hospital switched doctors on me the last day; from a shrink with a Jewish last name to a Christian psychiatrist who did the right thing and cleared me for release. All of the other doctors were full of it and the whole thing was 100% planned trap. I think Defendants ended up bribing the doctor who released me because he would not testify in the corrupt court that would not return my gun and restore my constitutional right to bare arms.

The second time I was falsely imprisoned under two felony charges for not making a criminal threat(1) on a parking cop(2) while at home in the Hollywood Hills with my car in my private garage. The shady detectives took me downtown for at least a long weekend when they should have released me from the jail at the Hollywood LAPD Station. I was not supposed to have enough money for bail according to their plan and would have been in custody much longer if I were not much more intelligent than everyone. I knew someone who was allegedly trapped in the system for over a year for allegedly making criminal threats (not on a female officer) and I did not want to end up in that boat, which was probably a lie (longer story), but I was basically in jail reading and quoting the bible to the watch guards over the intercom in my cell until they put me in a private cell with a phone, which I was able to use to connect with a client who helped me with the bail. I did not grow up with the story of Jesus is great and it saved me. Not sorry or shy about my love for Jesus. HB!

Defendants probably gambled on trying to make me look like a crazy Jesus freak the next time I was falsely imprisoned, but I knew the homeboy could not save me in that situation, so I saved myself, but that is another story.... (12/25/18)

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