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"Terminate Obstruction" oF Justice Section
The Brief .PDFs ContaiN Simple iNstructioNs
New 100+ Page Legal Action To Be Filed Soon (7/28/22)

tHe tRUe StORY

wHeRe iT sTaRtS vS wAs DiSCoVeRed
tHeReZ oNLY oNe SoLuTiON oN
RR tRaNsPaReNt TaBLe; tHeiRs iS eViL
aN HoNeSt GoOd WoRk iN PRoGReSs

MoRe @


More Contextual Information

DISCLAIMER :: Copyright * Infinity

This = #Real & Most Serious
All Our #Rights Are @ Stake
FYI Forced Publication
Thru Coercion etc. #WTF
A Work iN Progress
Plz Read Everything

First Filed
Name Change
For Several Reasons
Superior Court May 5th, 2014
Also First Process They Stalled
Re Steps To File Confidential
"Fruit & Nuts" iS What
Dumb Bitch Judge Eats
MoS deF Not What iAm
iEat Judges bRaiNs

tHiS CaSe iSa sLaM dUNk oPPoSed To A WoBBLeR

CeASe & DeSiSt StAGe

[insert link to official Cease & Desist #2011]
(cease & desists started prior; got more serious)


[redacting first report to law enforcement]
(only asked them to ask defendants to MYOB)

iN PRo PeR RoUNd 1A

District Court Times Three CaSeS
+ LACV1404900 vs. Apple/FB/etc
+ LACV1404232 vs. Domain Name
- See Redacted ( Round Two FilinG
- Revealed The Name After Years oF Leaks
- Going To Post The Originals Here Later
+ LACV1404002 vs. (GOV) CalVCP Board

False Arrests Round 1
+ Law Enforcement Conspired To Neglect & Obstruct
+ Regardless oF Evidence oF Death Threats
+ Purchased Pistol & Applied For Concealed Weapon Permit
- Before FilinG Any Lawsuits
- Falsely Arrested After Filing (3 Times iN RiCO Pattern Row)
- Fed Cases Criminally Dismissed By Judge Who Then Retired
+ Corrupt Sheriff Stalled For Months, Lied & False 5150 Arrested
- To Steal Gun & Get Kicked Out oF Home; Corrupt State Judge
* Can Very Easily All Claimed Prove Corruptions

iN PRo PeR RoUNd 1B

Superior Court

+ BC607769 vs. Apple/Interweb
+ BC608501 vs. JPMChase & Co.

False Arrests Round 2

:: Defendant Case Files ::
Attack On Pro Per Plaintiff @ Home
Made RR Miss Superior Court Dates
RR Record Was Later Expunged
* Logged @

+ Motion To Suppress Evidence
+ Pitches/Investigation Motion
+ More PR/info @WeedConnection

+ Hollywood LAPDย / @ย AG
+ Hollywood LADOTย / @ย AG
+ L Hills Sheriffsย / @ย AG
+ Congress / Senate / DOJ
+ Marsden Motion (iN Queue)
+ MD&PD Malpractice @ CMB/BAR
+ Judge @ Judicial Commission

HeAdStRoNG tO tAke oN aNYoNe & eVeRYoNe

iN PRo PeR RoUNd 2

New Case @ Central District

Followed By Totally Criminally Obstructed Appeal
@ 9th Circuit Did Not Even PeRMit FiLiNG tHe BRieF

No F.E.A.R.

Most Recent & Revelant Claim @


@ BlowTheWhistle .PDF
= New Manifesto Doc

@ Manifesto / Join Revolution .PDF
= Take Revolutionary Action $$$$

* Still Building This Page


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