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My intentions have always been to win without crediting individual criminals, and the truth is damage was caused directly by and as a result of trigger pulling Respondent/Defendant corporations inclusive to those possibly pending amendment or new legal action. There are bad people from my personal life who are surely influencing the heads of could be legally dead by law power abusing entities, the most major of corporations, all of whom form the identified, partially under seal, racketeering enterprise and are equally liable through conspiracy tort facts not theory.

Justice can still be achieved in the current lawsuit with The Court ordered combination award of monetary, physical, and intellectual property, then any social web sanctions on individually problematic perpetrators who only need be deterred from illegal worse than unfair competition would be available as necessary. New lawsuits can be filed and old ones revisited based on substantial evidence of recent violations. Petitioner/Plaintiff has a million ways to get it both by law and by honest business.

The settlement offer on RR transparent table has been simple: give Russell Rope all relief sought, which is certainly much more than he needs other than to cause a punitive and relatively deterring dent in the opposition; exchanged for no one goes to prison under charges for RICO conspiracy to a multitude of counts of around thirty both civil and criminal law causes action. Respondents were considerately offered equity in exchange for cash as to not cause any collateral damage to innocent shareholders assuming we settle via ADR prior to trial where I am confident in an easy victory based on clear and convincing facts supported by evidence and personal expert witness forensic scientific genius.

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