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Quality Assurance Comes From Experience

Web Design / Development QA:
- Custom Development = Expensive
- Everyone Uses Customized WP Templates Now
- Times Have Changed & Anyone Can Set Up A WP Site
- You Still Want To Go With The Pro Can Fix Errors
- RRP Designs Most Amazing Graphics/Interfaces, etc
- RRP Custom Hand Coded Our Own WP/CMS = Much More XP
- RRP Is The Better Choice For This Work
* Work Example: https://russellrope.com (Custom WP Template)
* Work Example: https://carriagehope.org (Custom WP Template)
* Work Example: https://russellrope.com/index_.html (Interactive UI)
* Work Example: https://russellrope.com/blog (OG WP Blog)
* Work Example: https://weedconnection.com (Custom CMS)

Video QA:
- RRP Owns Professional Equipment
- RRP Has Access To The Best via Budget
- Anything Can Be Rented
- RRP Has The Best Talent & Affiliates
- RRP = Perfection
* Recent Work @ https://russellrope.com/blog/?p=11

So you want brand design, print, marketing, etc?
- Let RRP Handle Everything
- $$$$

Most Experienced iN RR Track @RussellRope

Evaluation oF RR Work iS Circumstantial Based On:
- Recent v. Best v. Old v. Environment v. Resources
- Everything Authentic v. Their Imitation
- Amount of Time Invested

It is much more simple to copy/redesign than to innovate, but an innovator can redesign their originality while maintaining it.

Defendants are attacking me while basically recruiting and falsely awarding from below while failing in relentless attempts at cutting me down to a level that falls into their delusional perception of order. This is specific to expensive technology: cameras, hardware, software, plugins, etc. I read about an identical CIA/spy tactic used to disrupt foreign organizations, and linked that to early reports to law enforcement with complaints against Defendants alleged to be CIA but in reality are working against our constitution.

Fools using third party plugin glitch effects that I can not afford are getting jobs I invented before those jobs existed where I can literally create those same effects from scratch; and for no legit reason other than greedy frauds trying to starve me into submission while they try to play impossible catch up to my light years in distance of a lead.

Fools using expensive cameras were stealing business from me because of the difference in HD when Defendants cut off not only funds but also communication in effort to acquire resources for my evolution parallel to that of the technology. Defendants (Facebook/Instagram/etc) then started abusing power over their servers to reduce the resolution of my videos after I used insurance money to buy a new camera, which I was not supposed to be able to afford according to their plan, instead of fixing my car after Defendants probably caused an accident in attempt to obstruct my getting to court and lodging evidence before the weekend. Defendants are now suspected of influencing a frivolous lawsuit brought against me regarding that claim and from both sides being the Plaintiff lying about fake injuries and my suspected fraud Mercury Insurance company hiring an attorney who already tried to twist my words but did not yet file something that could have set me up for future frivolous actions had I not caught and corrected it.

Frauds are stealing business because they are buying fake stats: followers, likes, views, etc. while Defendants are both allowing it to happen and cutting down my reach and stats. FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM stats are UNREAL! I have similar evidence against other dumb AF IT companies such as Alexa, YouTube/Google, IMDB, etc. People and businesses trust these companies for vital decision making metrics and their not being held accountable for even the slightest fraudulent abuse of power means no one should trust them.

Long story short: My company can provide the highest quality of service and I can assure that based on a strong and diverse foundation of knowledge, experience, and talent. I have yet to meet someone who knows more about everything relevant to what I do all comes down to resources. Business is war. I am the Jedi master of war and much more. The easiest way to win a war is cut off the supply lines. Defendants started an illegal one-sided war, criminally abused power to cut off resources, got caught, and must answer to the trials of justice.

More truth in queue....

(WRQ @ 12/15/2018) * Written Real Quick ("WRQ")

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