RR Productions [RRP] :: (1995โ€“Infinity)
Media | MarketinG | desiGN | PR

Russell Rope Productions ("RRP") is a world-class media production, digital publishing, and marketing company specialized in entertainment, arts, media, technology, communications, kush, events, and lifestyle. Headquartered in Los Angeles with global affiliates, RRP also known as RR Productions is notorious for implementing innovative, progressive, disruptive, and overall creative campaigns designed for success.

Weed Connection :: 1997-Infinity
Medicinal & Recreational | Media & MarketinG

Weed Connection (โ€œWCโ€) started as an OG caregiving operation shortly after the passage of California Proposition 215. WC then evolved into an original source for medical and recreational cannabis information and entertainment. WC is a pioneer in the field of providing patients with a place to gather information and connect with like-minded individuals. Through hypertext, video, emerging technology, dank medz, and live events, WC provides its users and clients with a unique experience of connectivity in a new and evolving cannabis industry.

The True OG Report :: (2021โ€“Infinity)
PreRecorded & LivestreaminG | TV & Radio

New Show in Production

.... Coming Soon .... (Inevitably)

Domain Name iN Dispute :: (2012โ€“PReSeNt)
Media | AdvertisinG

Domain Name in Dispute (โ€œDNIDโ€) is more than a mainstream digital publication with an emphasis on, but not limited to technology, arts, and lifestyle. Planned for years, with a fully functional prototype developed in 2012, launch is delayed due to a criminal/civil domain name dispute. DNID is powered by a new at the time custom developed Content Management System (โ€œCMSโ€). The new CMS and DNID were integrated with innovative new media publishing technology such as 360 video way before anyone else started embedding 360/VR video.

Architecture Venture :: (2021โ€“Infinity)
Design & Development

Pending LegaL Trill OG Victory Money

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