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October 2021


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Hello Multiverse,

Welcome to our first-ever monthly TTOGR newsletter.  Almost back to production of the show ....coming soon!  "The True OG Report" is a prerecorded and live streaming audiovisual masterpiece created by @RussellRope as a futuristic video blog show aiming for TV and also designed with a goal for radio over a podcast.

The show is going to begin online, so preparation of redeveloping the teaser website as an access hub for distribution and marketing purposes took priority to finishing the motion graphics; disrupted in 2018 by false arrest and being banned from public university library computers after high-resolution video processing capable laptop was stolen.  Redevelopment of TTOGR site led to modern cross-network interweb redevelopment.  Development is anticipated to be wrapped up within a week or two and then the show must go on.  The estimated release date is mid-November.

Make a REAL deal now!  The True OG Report is a subsidiary of "RRP OG LLC" where everything is negotiable for a limited time, and that being a long-term advantage is guaranteed.  ROI is inevitable; OG life all in.  Read more about it online and connect.  Stay subscribed for an official launch date and manage your subscription to relevant RRP newsletters using the following link.

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