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*Most of this was written very fast and is not a substitute for filed legal documents linked to from middle of page. Rather than slave over the details here, Russell is moving forward through the justice system. Connect for more information. Email: info@russellrope.com (3-2-2017)

:: Summary ::

@RussellRope, with an averaged IQ score of 143, is just being his lovable honest self while the haters keep attacking on every level obviously in an effort to steal business and intellectual property. This has been going on for years, most probably since birth, but the past year and a half has been full of linear, unwarranted, and evolving violations of human rights.

Keeping most of this on the down low for both intellectual property protection and because it has not been absolutely necessary to bring these issues up, there are currently evil people worse than slandering mental health and competency @RussellRope despite thorough and organized records dating back to birth including professional reports from two psychiatric evaluations and no mental illness or genetic predisposition to anything other than genius. Every word in the following defense log is 100% supported by clear and convincing facts and evidence.

Events and facts leading up to the current situation:

1) Russell was born with the best brain. (Thanksgiving Day 1982)

2) Russell is second born of three sons to a control freak mother = fucked at birth. (1982-Present)

3) The focus of Russellโ€™s education and career path has been on technology, art, and media since he was a child. (1988-Present)

4) Mother more than father is suspected of literally and metaphorically poisoning Russell, then turning family, friends, and others against in effort to control. If the parental problems were to be categorized as internal, brothers are no less suspect of external framework. (1983-or-1995-Present)

5) Russell honestly has no explanation for receiving hate other than greed of others. (Present)

6) Russell is first son (and older than all of his cousins) to graduate college and with uber credentials. (2006)

7) Russell moved home for entrepreneurial ventures and has the most valuable intellectual property etc. (2007)

8) Simultaneously, Russell applies for work and pitches business everywhere. (10+ Years Fraudulently Denied)

9) Haters not limited to family, frenemies, and tech companies fail at controlling, attack, and refuse to collaborate. (?-2006-2010-Present)

10) Russell holds ground and defends while minding his own business and multitasking progress. (1995-Present)

11) Haters continue attacking, hacking, harassing, stalling, stalking, assaulting, making death threats, etc. (2010-Present)

12) Russell does the right thing and attempts to resolve conflict through good communication. (2010-Present)

13) Haters refuse to communicate and get worse with conspiring copycats recruiting puppet ass clown attacks. (2007-Present)

14) Russell is obstructed from acquiring legal representation and reports to corrupt/negligent law enforcement. (2013)

15) Russell in pro per joins the CA SoS Safe at Home Program, gets a confidential name change and a private address. (2014)

16) Russell, after doing everything humanly possible to acquire work, investment, crowd funding, etc., applies for California Victim Compensation for the right reasons only to be fraudulently denied. (2014)

17) Russell files federal civil lawsuits in pro per and purchases small pistol for protection. (2014)

18) Russell gets firearm training and applies for carry and conceal permit. (2014)

19) Corrupt law enforcement fraudulently delays CCW application. (Sep.-Oct.2014)

20) Haters hack Russell's car computer, sabotage the smog check and registration, then trick Russell into visiting corrupt law enforcement who did not really need to sign off on a registration ticket. (Oct.-Nov. 2014)

21) Corrupt law enforcement lies about alleged criminal threat, tries to get Russell to fight officer conducting multiple sexually harassing searches on video that allegedly disappeared, places Russell on 5150 and illegally seizes more than gun from home. (Nov. 2014)

22) Russell loves and respect women, but was kicked out of his house by dumb liar of a mother who illegally assisted in worse than confiscation of a small secret firearm. (Nov. 2014)

23) Stupid mother tried to use lying family member shrinks who are lined up to steal business as support in attempt of more than 5150. (Nov. 2014)

24) Russell did not retaliate other than by filing complaints against officers that were fraudulently neglected by the DA, Sheriffs, and CA Attorney General, all of whom also neglected pleads for their public service before the 5150 attack. (Nov. 2014)

25) Russell was living like a prisoner in his parentsโ€™ house and then forced to move out and away from corrupt Lost Hills Sheriff jurisdiction. (Nov. 2014)

26) Russell quickly found a new home followed by another in the Hollywood Hills where it is like he basically traded one private minimum security prison for another with haters drone/actors/stalking him despite attempts to emancipate in peace. (Nov. 2014)

27) Russell had been released from nightmare of 5150 for the right reasons and then proved the lies in a confidential mental health court willfully taken on for the return of his firearm. (Feb. or Mar. 2015)

28) 100% corrupt blue tie wearing mental health court judge fraud squeezed in a name word hack โ€œBLUE ISRAELโ€ for no reason during the trial before officially stealing the gun and violating the constitutional right to bare arms. (Feb. or Mar. 2015)

29) Haters have persisted with much more evil and dangerous tactics not limited to the contents of this report and where Russell should be โ€œsafe at home.โ€ (2014-Present)

30) Haters entrapped Russell at home based on more fabricated accusations of criminal threats, this time allegedly against an LADOT officer while he was at home with car parked in his private garage. (May 2015)

31) Haters worse than violated the constitution, illegally searched and seized, unlawfully arrested, and are maliciously prosecuting based on nothing but lies and zero evidence that a crime was even committed. (June 2015)

32) Public defender, prosecution, and judge are obviously corrupted haters. (2015-Present)

33) Russell was fraudulently denied in his motion to change public defender and had no option but to waive the right to representation. (Oct. 2015)

34) Despite being rushed in doing things for the first time, making few typos and a correctable error, Russell files bulletproof pretrial pro se defense. Everything mentioned here has been logged with evidence and had been reported prior to arrest. (Jan. 2016)

35) Corrupt judge, obviously not planning to free Russell since day one, knows that he and his colleagues will face legal action if he does not dismiss case, so Judge uses non-coincidental language in his disparaging and slanderous lies, denied conversation/explanation/defense and ordered Russell back to corrupt mental health court to prove mental competency. (Jan. 2016)

36) Russell remains calm and compiles all of his medical and legal records for the court while being denied a ridiculous amount of attempts to make an appointment for a new third party unbiased psychiatric evaluation. (Jan. 2016)

*The only legal defense documents that should be needed to prove his competency. Russell has never been convicted or accused of a real crime, but does have a track record of successfully defending himself and proof of compliance with felony release on own recognizance (fraudulently denied in current case) in defense against other suspected entrapment for possession of concentrated medical cannabis. This is not the only document that proves good Judges/Superior Court(s) find Russell to be intelligent, competent, and more than capable. (2009)

37) Corrupt court doctor lies, corrupt court assigned public defender negatively did not defend and refused to share doctor report; real records neglected. (Jan. 2016)

38) Judge makes poor order based on lies, public defender tried to steal Russell's cell phone, more evaluation ordered, new court date set. (Jan. 2016)

39) New doctor and Russell had two good conversations on the phone, made plans to be in communication, and then doctor disconnected their phone. (Jan. 2016)

40) Russell complained to public defender's boss who gave some, but not enough reassurance. (Feb. 2016)

41) Russell is still trying to get a new attorney to defend right to self-representation and an updated/thorough third party evaluation. (Feb. 2016)

42) Russell is innocent and his mind is sharper than the day he was born, is not religious, but does not sin and obeys the law. (1982-Present)

43) Russell filed lawsuits against intentionally power abusing enabler corporations with plans to get injunctions against individuals only suggesting pulling the trigger are not the responsible killer oppressors, so Russell made every effort to seal court cases and confidentially changed his name for the purposes of protecting himself and few innocent family members; also not to credit or dishonor his mother and father, undoubtably guilty are brothers and others. (2014 & 2016)

44) The haters have been trying to prevent and expose the confidential name and address for the only reason of evil family trying to gain credit from relation and control of business Russell started from scratch by himself. (2015-Present)

45) Russell has been surviving on nothing like a rockstar for the past ten years while constantly moving forward thanks to public resources and loopholes found in a system that was designed to make him a gay martyr (is straight) for failure to accept a life of slavery, forced debt, and lying greedy people over organized religion is the opiate of the masses. (2006-Present)

46) The people involved in the 5150 case were cast like a show full of aryan actors wearing white and blue. The LADOT case was cast like show mostly with hispanic/latin actors and similar observances of weird color/fashion statements. This actually appears to be a racial and political misdirection from corrupt religious based influence on both sides of the cross so to speak. (2014 & 2015-Present)

47) Morons are trying to make Russell look crazy and it is an understatement to say they are representing false justification of mis-representation and misdirection of religion, politics, sexuality, fashion, and nothing that matters to the case of a completely independent straight head fighting for freedom from the root of most evil is greedy not so entitled haters creating a web of lies for money rooted out of oppressive control. (2010-Present)

48) This is all true and the haters are full of lies. No amount of money is worth experiencing the hate and there is no point in swimming back when you are more than halfway through the deep end. #FREEtheOG (1982-Present)

49) Probably going to create another post or post(s) with specifics about some of the many recent attacks not mentioned here. (2014-2016)

50) This was written fresh on 2/17/2016 to be updated with any corrections, more case related information, facts, and evidence.

#51-77) Continued Below....


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:: Plaintiff Case #s ::
(Defense From Hater Crimes)

:: 2:17-cv-04921-MWF-(PLAx) ::
:: Redacted RICO Exhibits ::

:: #LegalTrillOG ::
:: Federal Law/Filed @ District ::
:: LACV1404900 vs. Apple/FB/etc ::
:: LACV1404232 vs. Domain Name ::
:: LACV1404002 vs. CalVCP Board ::

:: State Law/Filed @ Superior ::
:: BC607769 vs. Apple/Interweb ::
:: BC608501 vs. JPMChase & Co. ::


:: Defendant Case Files ::
(Attack On Pro Per Plaintiff)

:: MOTION TO DISMISS +Exhibits ::
:: Motion To Suppress Evidence ::
:: Pitches/Investigation Motion ::
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(Without Complaining, But WTF)

:: Hollywood LAPD / @ AG ::
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:: L Hills Sheriffs / @ AG ::
:: Congress / Senate / DOJ ::
:: Marsden Motion (iN Queue) ::
:: MD&PD Malpractice @ CMB/BAR ::
:: Judge @ Judicial Commission ::


Private Records Since Birth:

1) Legal: Plaintiff Civil Cases, Evidence, etc.

2) Medical: Physical/Surgery, IQ, No Mental Illness, MMJ/Drug Screen

3) Educational: Diplomas, Certificates, Report Cards, SAT/etc. Standardized Test Scores, Acceptance Letters From All Colleges Applied To

4) Business: LLC, Tax Forms, Banking, etc.

5) Car: Ownership, Insurance, Repairs, Tickets

6) Receipts For Almost All Purchases Ever

7) Registered Mail Copyrights For Intellectual Property



#51-77) Written really fast @RussellRope so people know what is up for tomorrow is the next hearing on March 29, 2016. Please excuse any typos, errors, and not trying to be negative, just factual, and made peace with the Public Defender and now PD team, but they are both not communicating enough and withholding important information like doctor reports. Really not liking having to write this stuff and finding this court stuff outrageous, but keeping calm and cool.

51) Judge Juarez respectfully declared his belief that Russellโ€™s claims to intelligence are real, that the Marsden Motion was very well written, and it was not worth arguing because Russell/defendant had presented the case in the motion and made a deal for outpatient restoration of competency training over going to jail basically for no reason when not knowing what was going on. Decision now up to Psychologist 4 and Judge.

*This really brings March back to the same situation as January, which is slightly better than February. The next hearing (tomorrow) for the nightmare of an mental health case in violation of civil rights. #51-77 bring the supporters up-to-date with this is the current situation. (Written March 28, 2016)

52) Either the judge or a doctor at a mental hospital have to declare defendant competent to return to the first court. The hearing tomorrow is supposed to be about where to receive restoration of competency training or hopefully the judge dismisses.

53) If the judge fails to dismiss, first restoration doctor realize the defendant is healthy and basically end this, or last restoration could be from home without medication, and anything else would be evil and wrong, and they can literally and illegally take the defendantโ€™s life with the wrong meds. Defendant has to comply or they will force whatever the doctor orders in jail or worse and without trial.

54) The judge to take the honorable action of recognizing the truth and sending the defendant back to the other court. ย The defendant is fully aware of the charges against him, the law now including most of those which govern both courts, and is more than ready to move forward with the legal process. ย Defendant is competent, respectful, and has been willing, able, and trying to work with the public defenders in both courts.

55) The issue here is not a mental health. ย This is unfair punishment that is worse than the alleged crime. ย Unlawful officer misconduct created a snowball affect of justice system infractions resulting in a bad judge sending the defendant here to try and cover it up.

56) It is supposed to be hard to prove incompetency to prevent people from using it to delay trial or to get out of prison.

57) Defendant does not have a mental health problem with supporting documentation.

58) Defendant is only in this court because Judge Jurado did not want to dismiss and knew defendant was going to file complaint to get him thrown off case.

59) It is actually illegal to delay cases and cause a financial burden on defendants who have not been convicted.

60) It is also medical malpractice and criminal assault to attack someones mind like the courts are doing.

61) Threat of punishment medicated restoration of competency training when the defendant is competent is worse than the alleged crime nothing other than defense supported evidence.

62) Defendant tried to get private evaluations and did not even qualify for admittance into public mental health programs to based on the following: ย Defendant has a home, works, is social, is fit, and has not been diagnosed with a mental health problem.

63) Doctors only make recommendations where final decisions are made by the judge including the ability to restore competency without restoration of competency training for the following reason. ย All of the court doctors are wrong because:

64) Psychiatrist 1 (Chadha): Too short of a report full of errors. ย Wrongfully judged the case in like five minutes and neglected the defendant/patient. (See Exhibit)

65) Doctor? 2 (Lucas): Did not meet in person, two nice brief phone calls, disconnected communications, wrote what was recognized to be wrong by the DDA.

66) Psychiatrist 3 (Tumu): Tall cocky male probably same minority ethnicity as first female doctor, probably twisted words and lied about substance abuse when defendant said that what is on blog does not reflect defendant's conservative and responsible consumption. ย Brief evaluation felt like a trap because the doctor took defendant into the courtyard where some real crazy guy looked at defendant, said he was going to kill defendant, then started to approach and walked away.

67) *Defendant does not consume any illegal substances, does not smoke cigarettes, does not drink much alcohol, and has a legitimate doctor and condition for medical cannabis. *ย CA Penal Code Section 1370(D)(i)

68) Psychologist 4 (Paglioni): Seemed nice. Talked about real medical information mostly on the attached list of health issues and reasons for (preferably safe at home) outpatient treatment if this case is not justly dismissed back to CCB. (See Exhibit)

69) The only thing Dr. Paglioni said that made any sense for alleged purpose of restoration of competency training is that they would tell defendant what to say to the doctors to restore competency, which means they probably either want lies and discredit defense or to stall, because that could take five minutes seeing how that was all the time needed to talk almost all about good things before declaring incompetence in an erroneous paragraph of a short report with no support.

70) Mentioned medications, not sure if it was a test to see if defendant would comply, and why she would be wrong: bothย Lithium & Abilify: not schizo, not bipolar, not depressed. Side Affects = both not recommended for dehydration prone patients, weakens immune system, muscles, and weight gain, canโ€™t drive while on it so how on earth is that going to make the defendant more competent to stand trial. ย These pills would literally turn the defendant into a zombie.

71) *Original negligent Doctor Chadha recommended meds without side affects in short report. Medical cannabis just about anything they could try to fabriacte without side effects. Strength is knowing your weaknesses and defendant knows what they are has nothing to do with the mind.

72) Defendant will do what the court requires, but has a legal right to question persons presenting evidence supporting medication. ย Defendant also has the right to be given timely access to the defendant's records, including the doctorโ€™s reports, which have been withheld. *CA Penal Code Section 1370(D)(i)

73) NOT DELUSIONAL = Defendant has a grounded sense of reality based on a strong foundation both facts and evidence, lives a balanced lifestyle by routine being disrupted by legal stuff, work, social, fitness, nutrition, educated, understanding of the law, justice system, no voices or mirages. No evidence has been presented in attempt at convincing any contrary beliefs.

74) DELUSIONAL = NOT Defendant. A diseased state of the mind, in which persons believe things to exist, which exist only, or in the degree they are conceived of only in their own imaginations, with a persuasion so fixed and firm, that neither evidence nor argument can convince them to the contrary.

75) Zero evidence has been presented against the defendant. No rational argument has been made against the defendant. The judge was afraid to debated, did not ask questions, did not permit explanations, did not permit standby counsel, and most probably illegally sent defendant to mental health court to prove competency, which was not permitted.

76) Should Judge Juarez fail to restore competency and dismiss: Motion for Extended Time, Private Representation, Long Report (assumed to be a real and thorough evaluation), Doctor selected by private attorney or Defendant from the DAโ€™s list.

77) #AllLivesMatter #iCantBreathe #FreeTheOG #Defendant=Russell #LikesWritingInThirdPerson #ToBeContinuedSoon #iHope



78) Got to court 21 minutes early and talked to the MHC Public Defender supervisor who admitted to now believing Russell is competent to stand trial, set up an evaluation with a new doctor saying the case could get sent back to the other court.

79) Russell/Defendant waited patiently in the courtroom for five hours, was the last person there, and then new temporary public defender, a new deputy district attorney, and the judge came back from private in chambers conversation, said they had enough doctors reports and that the case would be postponed until the original public defender returned in two weeks.

80) Russell is now in the same legal situation he was in two weeks ago, except with slightly more support from the public defenders despite not having access to three of four reports. Waiting to hear back from public defenders about WTF happened today. (March 29, 2016)

81) #FreeTheOG @RussellRope



82) #FreeTheOG has been stalled for 10 months without a fair hearing. (4/12/2016)

83) Past 3-4 months of MHC stalling and order was made for reevaluation / restoration of competency to stand trial training at Metropolitan LA in Norwalk, CA. (South of DTLA)

84) The only way out of this or back to not a criminal court is for case(s) to be dismissed by either judge, where MHC requires a restoration of competency approval from Metro LA, or CCB/LAPD prosecution can dismiss, and hopefully new evidence shared with the detectives will make a difference.

85) Public defender and public defender supervisor said doctors at Metro LA can decide there is nothing wrong and send Russell home right away (if they are not corrupt). Others, and law that has already been violated in order to put Russell in this situation, say it could be longer.

86) Should the original case not be dismissed by the prosecution, defendant wrongfully found incompetent to stand trial still must be found competent to stand trial by the Judge/doctors and the factors are: understanding the charges and the being able to rationally assist in defense.

87) How could any rational person, especially peers, not believe Russell is competent to stand trial? The defense has a preponderance of neglected evidence from private doctors and a different superior courts stating more than competency. The author all of this and linked legal documents is Russell Rope in Pro Per without help is more than competent to stand trial and defend himself.

88) The real people see through the lies and know Russell is not only more than competent to stand trial, but also not guilty as it is completely unreasonable to believe the defendant would have "intent" and ability to cause serious physical harm to an anonymous fraud alleged victim parking officer camped outside his window while his car was parked in a personal private parking garage.

89) Russell has not even been formally held to answer/ordered to stand trial for a crime, or had a fair hearing, but MHC judge and PD have gotten to know Russell a little bit after the fraudulent/erroneous finding of incompetency to stand trial. They admittedly respect the competency/intelligence, always turning up on time, and model behavior, which at least afforded the right to surrender to Metropolitan LA, which is uncommon, on April 22 or hopefully later depending on how crowded it is etc.

90) Mail will be forwarded from current OG address @RussellRope #1607, POB 1198, Sacramento, CA 95812 if Russell is illegally held in captivity without a fair hearing and based on worse than unlawful arrest.

91) Russell put on a suit and walked into Hollywood LAPD around 7am on 4/14/2016, found out the arresting detective was transferred out of Hollywood, met with new detective, filmed video interview @ lobby security camera with detective, sergeant, and officer present. Officer knew defendant's family background and confirmed that defendant statements are not delusional/grandiose. Detective said he would talk to his supervisor.

92) Court Ordered Surrender into custody @ LA Metropolitan State Hospital (4/23/2016)

93) Programmed social media to keep posting the same #FreeTheOG post with link to blog. (post removed from twitter/fb/etc.)

94) Russell was separated from the things he was allowed to bring and car was wrongfully towed and stored at cost to RR for $2197++. Car was almost auctioned off etc.

95) Forced and unnecessary medication Olazapine aka Zyprexa etc. made no positive difference for no reason. (41 days)

96) Discharged from LA MSH to LA County Jail: Twin Towers for more than 48 hours during which there was a MHCourt visit where compentency to stand trial was restored. (6/15/2016++)

97) There was nothing wrong with his mind. No reason to hold him in custody for lies. They basically tried to hold RR long enough to jack his life.

98) Not a criminal court resumes with next hearing set for end of June 2016. Still not guilty.

99) Seriously difficult adventuring all around LA and Hollywood to recover property, deal with car stuff, looking for a new home, setting up new POB, hit up some clubs, life hacking the planet, etc. (6-21-2016)

100) Basically living on the streets like an OG. Haters should eat poop. Tell RR that you read this and support #FreeTheOG (6-22-2016)

*Busy AF living subject to change expect more updates (6-23-2016)

101) Pre-Trial in Department 33 resulted in indictment for two felonies and a new arraignment was set for Department 118. (7-30-2016)

102) PD at MHC, who cut off communication, said there would be a new PD back in criminal court, but first PD that RR fired was back on the case.

103) Alleged victim blatantly lied on the stand. It was obvious to the PD and should have been to the judge because of the ridiculously fabricated accusation of RR running in circles around the LADOT vehicle for five whole minutes and not taking photos when the evidence that the judge saw proves 100% that the alleged victim is a liar. (7-30-2016)

104) PD presented zero defense, failed at getting charges reduced, which was both the entire argument for not presenting defense at pre-lim and the reason PD was fired. The dishonorable Judge Jurado made a fraudulent judgement. (7-30-2016)

105) PD reviewed more of the case information and discussed emails with RR/Defendant. (8-4-2016)

106) PD struck a plea bargain for "No Contest" to one felony, to be sentenced as a misdemeanor in a year after completing 150 hours of community service and not getting into trouble. The misdemeanor sentence that was agreed upon is to be a year of informal probation. (8-4-2016)

106) It should not be difficult to stay out of trouble.... Had the case gone to possibly corrupt trial it could have cost freedom or easily consumed 50-150 more hours of RR time, caused more stress, future uncertainty, etc. (8-4-2016)

107) RR copped the plea. (8-4-2016)

108) RR maintains right to investigate and sue in civil court. RR maintains a clean record with no convictions. (8-4-2016)



109) RR completed 150 hours of community service and received the official voucher from court. Most of the hours were spent doing media and marketing @ Carriage Hope - Charity & Thrift Shop (9-13-2016)

110) Russell Rope is working hard and minding his own business, has been hitting the gym and going beast mode on rehabilitating his body because the haters actually poisoned him for six weeks while in custody. "The People" should know that these frauds have made several serious attempts to both entrap and justify violence against Russell since he was released. They are still violating his rights through the same pattern of crimes described in the original plaintiff in pro per lawsuits. Back to work on the #LegalTrillOG (2-1-2017) ....almost ready to file (5-21-2017)



111) Lodged Legal Trill OG Under Seal: Case #2:17-cv-04921-MWF-PLA (7-5-17)

112) Case and motions filed, summons issued and to be served pending orders on requests. Approved for electronic filing. Mastered the system and document composition to the point where filing can be done from a smart phone. (7-17)

113) Literally all in and above it all running on less than empty. You think you know, but you have no idea. This is a for real and a serious problem that is mostly going to affect everyone else negatively if neglect continues. #FreeTheOG #Fundraiser (8-1-17)

114) #BeastMode gains on a new level of peaking up and up. Enlightened OG mind over matters. Legal grind unstoppable. (8-1-17)

115) Proof of completed community service @ CarriageHope.org paperwork disappeared day before court, suspected to be stolen, acquired a literally last minute copy from community service office. (8-2-17)

116) Survived another year of continued failed entrapment attempts during stalled sentencing. (8-3-17)

117) Turnt up at court early with proof of completed community service. Plea bargain held up and informal probation begins. (8-3-17)

118) One felony charge dismissed; the other felony charge reduced to misdemeanor. (8-3-17)

119) Record gets expunged in one year if not sooner. Still working on higher court(s) and authorities to dismiss, terminate, and possibly pardon. Back to work on the Legal Trill OG & chasing paper. (8-3-17)

120) #FreeTheOG #Fundraiser !$!

121) Filed 1st Amended Complaint; Published Redacted Version Here:2:17-cv-04921-MWF-(PLAx) + RICO Exhibits (2-19-18)

122) Crooked judges illegally "terminated" case. Plaintiff filed EP Motions for Reconsideration, Recusal (of MWF, PLA, PA), and Relief from corrupt orders. The clerk is intentionally assigning corrupt court actors. Illegally reassigned EP Motions that should have gone to a new and impartial judge were sent to one of the crooked judges, PA, who obviously and illegally ruled against and is now illegally sitting on the Motion for his own Recusal. (5-14-18)

123) Plaintiff filed Notice of Appeal while this is still going through Central District Court and then a Motion for Appointment of (Assistant) Counsel and for Relief previously denied by the crooked court. Ninth Circuit Case #18-55872. (7-4-2018)

124) Probation Terminated! Beat BS felony charges (Case #BA437791), where they were trying for three strikes at once, forced a plea bargain for two years of probation and community service, and permitted too many entrapment attempts. Attempted entrapment, stalking, RICO violations, etc. have been relentless over the past two years and getting worse leading up to this date. Started process to get record expunged and for karma to return the favor with treble damages multiplied by everything else. Ordered case files, transcripts, etc. (8-3-2018)

125) Technically two plus years of 'informal' probation did not end until unheard of restitution and court fees were waived/paid. A Public Defenders Office Paralegal helped make sure the papers to expunge and waive fees were correct, and then served them, but doing it solo dolo could have probably yielded better, but possibly opposed and stalled, results. The results were good enough for now, so thanks to the paralegal. ****Fortunately visited court to start the pro se process and to get files from the clerk where an extension was granted on the day fees would have been due. Not turning up by nature could have possibly resulted in a bench warrant.

126) Unfortunately, it appears as if the Public Defenders plural tried to leave probation/freedom open ended as part of trick by not mentioning the fees and then saying not to worry about them at all. After meeting with the paralegal, the original supervising PD more than possibly tried to pull another one by directing a request (not made) to seal the case at the expungement hearing, but the clerks refused to send the requested transcripts prior to the hearing and these fools are all acting shady AF. (9-10-2018)

127) THE GOOD NEWS: GAME OVER = [False Imprisonment etc.] Case #BA43771 Terminated! :: Petition Granted! Record expunged and fines waived in court today! Thanks Judge G. (9-10-2018)

128) #FreeTheOG is still not free.... because FREEDOM IS NOT FREE .... "Live Free Or Die" is obsolete.... "FUCK YOU PAY ME" (9-10-2018)

129) Now back to the Federal Courts where enabling and most responsible criminal enterprise connected corporations pay or everyone else does.... (9-10-2018)

130) ....Too Much Happened Since Last Update.... Read: Tweets, Blog, & Newsletters.... Just Filed Petition to SCOTUS = Supreme Court of the United States....Follow the SUPREME #LegalTrillOG (click here) (05/06/2019)


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