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I wrote a guide that links to different projects somewhere, and will try to find it, but this is more about ability for now, potential, and divide between capability and lack of resources intentionally caused through espionage, by sabotage, wasting time, theft, no funding for evolution of technology, false entitlements, and obstruction of justice. It is easier to improve on a design than to do something new, and the original is more likely to produce a better improvement than an underworld imposter.

There are some important things to take into consideration when judging my work as if anyone else were worthy of such an act. Given the opportunity, a wise person would first ask me to critique myself or explain anything =they might not completely understand. I like the saying: "There is no such thing as a dumb question," which may not be entirely true, but there is certainly nothing wrong with seeking more knowledge and understanding.

Specific to my unique situation, one must consider sabotage, where people stood prior to my initial legal complaints and police reports more than current status quo is a total fraud, and most importantly be aware of my constant evolution and obvious potential. I never fell, or gave up an inch, but was stalked and pushed, with my hands tied, and practically blindfolded where they have even trying to keep me in the dark; nevertheless, landed on feet despite enduring multiple fractures in one foot, kept learning, healing, growing, standing strong and proud through it all; always moving forward and with so much more to create.

The more you learn, the more you grow, and the broad foundation of connected knowledge is most definitely worth a great deal where the convergence of several fields continues to shape the body of RR work. Much of my portfolio over the past two and a half decades has been technical more than creative because I have had more resources for self-education than proper production. It is hard-to-impossible to create a complete version of something when you know how much better you could do with not limited to more ram, a faster processor, a better lens or bigger sensor, more megapixels, better lighting, stabilizers and rails, drones and jib cranes, collaboration, cooperation, no nuisances, etc., so several of my projects are incomplete, prototypes, and rough drafts, for all of which I have plans to circle back and have been seeking resources. The visible and technical skills demonstrate ability and versatility to emulate any creative style; moreover, I am not much of a follower, perceptive to my surroundings and selectively consuming news and culture, but tend to focus on my own original genius.

In dealing with new clients I always ask them for two things; a bulleted list outline of everything they want done and examples of work they like. I have the ability to deliver pretty much anything they want, especially with proper funding, but some people just do not put in the effort, lack the intelligence, or have ulterior motives such as leaving the business open-ended in effort to subordinate their independent contractor.

The morals of this story are "judge not for thou shall be judged," "seek to understand and communicate," and "mind your own business." If I submitted my resume or sales sheet to you or your business and you are reading this, it is because I saw a need, which my service could fulfill, and a smart person would inquire further as to my perspective on growing businesses has been my business since I first started my own business. The point of business is to make money. I am an entrepreneur above all, and believe I can help any business generate more sales. The greatest sale of all time should have already been my current federal lawsuit to justice. Deemed so disruptive major corporations new Respondents/Defendants decided they have to disrupt, which could be viewed as a good thing from a business sense and is the basis for the lawsuit, but also a curse more than a blessing until legal victory.

Stay tuned for more on this topic....

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