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Just setup shop on the web block. Frauds @PayPal illegally terminated RR accounts because of this fundraiser. Cash, checks, and direct deposits are usually preferred, but you can also support TRUE OG with a credit card on this site. Purchase products, donate, invest, and/or advertise all at the new online store @RussellRope dot com.


Weed Connection is your source for both recreational and medical cannabis information and entertainment.  A pioneer in the field of providing patients with means to connect with like-minded individual and businesses, Weed Connection was originally formed after the initial passing of Proposition 215 in California.  Active to present day, was launched in 2006, which was also registered as a …


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Welcome to the new RR Productions website and blog.  Recently redesigned and developed with more modern elements, all of our previous work remains in tact and archived.  We will now be running two blogs @RussellRope dot com.  The first and original blog is to be known as the RR or Russell Rope Blog; a combination of both personal and professional …