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Priceless iNformation Sheet(s) Media | Marketing | Design | PR Make a REAL DEAL @ RR Productions >> Download Here >> RRP Media Services .PDF @ Weed Connection LLC >> Download Here >> WC Media Services .PDF

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Filed 1st Amended Complaint Plus Evidence 126 + 69++ = 135++ Pgs Read The Redacted Complaint @ 2:17-cv-04921-MWF-PLA & Redacted RICO Exhibits Plus More Info & Exhibits Please Support / Connect

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Just setup shop on the web block. Frauds @PayPal illegally terminated RR accounts because of this fundraiser. Cash, checks, and direct deposits are usually preferred, but you can also support TRUE OG with a credit card on this site. Purchase products, donate, invest, and/or advertise all at the new online store @RussellRope dot com.

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Media Marketing Services

Use our media marketing services!  We just started offering featured deals for small business and professionals.  Starting at $1,000 to $2,000 we can provide uber professional quality design, video, web, and marketing.  This offer might not last long.  Jump on it now while we have time to grow your business!  More information and media kits accessible via our OG Services page.  …

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Amongst other areas of interest, we specialize in lifestyle and nightlife.  Check out our extensive archive of premier Hollywood nightclub videos both @RussellRope .com/blog/?p=party and since we are disputing Google/YouTube over a terminated account, view older videos on instaGram @RussellRope, and do not forget to join the fun!  Contact us directly or through our ViP OG Reservation form to book … is a basic nonprofit media marketing project.  Carriage Hope is a charity and thrift store in North Hollywood, CA that benefits local community, families, and most specifically underprivileged children.  RRP created a web presence including social media and marketing.  What started out as a pledge of 150 hours of community service was completed and now we are just waiting …

Hiring OG(s) & Casting Models

Hiring qualified OG(s) to help build business and casting models for art and publication.  Performance based compensation in the form of equity and commission.  Plus, there are also plenty of perks.  We need help with sales, marketing, information gathering, and are creating a stockpile of creative content for several unreleased ventures.  Get in on the real deal now.  Join the …


Weed Connection is your source for both recreational and medical cannabis information and entertainment.  A pioneer in the field of providing patients with means to connect with like-minded individual and businesses, Weed Connection was originally formed after the initial passing of Proposition 215 in California.  Active to present day, was launched in 2006, which was also registered as a …