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Modern Freedom is not Free!

Welcome To RR Fundraising Campaign ::
- Launched 03/01/17

Funds Raised: $2142.66 & Then Sum
(Hard Work, Alchemy, Luck, Skills, Honest Hustling)
Burn Rate: $FinallyLessThanIncome?
Funds Remaining: $NotEnough
*Still Seeking $!$!$

Updated 12/12/18: iNeed $$$$
* Fresh Equity Capital Business Plan
* RRP & WC Media Services
* Resume @RussellRope
* (Click Here PDFs)

** Sabotaged Fundraising Case Study

Updated 4/17/18: iNeed $$$$
* Literally Applied For Something Like 1,000+ Jobs Past 30 Days #Sabotaged
* Also Resubmitted To Angel Investors & Prospective Clients, etc. #Sabotaged
* Legal Grinding Daily & Plan To Win Big @ 2:17-cv-04921-MWF-PLA #LegalTrillOG
* Support True OG Now & Thank RR For That Opportunity Later #NoFairWeatherFans
* Do You Believe Honest Abe? Why Are Giant Corporations Hating? #AlreadyWon

Updated 11/30/17: Surviving Independently, Nothing Can Stop RR
The Story is Wild, Still Sabotaged, All iN, & Most Productively
Moving Forward AF

Updated 09/25/17: Sabotaged & All iN @ #LegalTrillOG
Updated 05/19/17: Obviously Still Sabotaged WTF
* PayPal Terminated Accounts In Response To Campaign
* Have Not Generated Any Income Since Launch
* You Are Retarded If You Think Ignoring This Is Ok

Straight up got to make money to live while pursuing all ventures and next level legal action, so this is really just an ongoing business marketing campaign because why should anyone with this experience need to create a "fundraiser?"

Frauds have worse than abused power to cut off income, blocked the ability to get work, stolen valuable time and money, terminated bank accounts, fuct up perfect credit, obstructed justice, violated the right to fair housing, sabotaged communications, messed up relationships, entrapped innocence in retaliation of legal self-defense, etc. This is not hacking, it is not cool, nor is it legal or ethical. These are not anonymous criminals and anyone who supports their evil can be subject to federal prison. End oppression. Much more to say, so a book and documentary or movie, and top priority lawsuit are all in production.

Fundraising Options:

+ Donate :: Any Amount :: You will receive a gift for anything above $10
- Volunteer @ http://russellrope.com/blog/?p=8523
- Write politicians and authority demanding justice. Links coming soon....

+ Book PreSale :: $21
- Electronic Version ($27 Includes Print)
- Currently 250 Pages Deep (Can Probably Double That)
- Possibly to be Published as is with Updates
- Or Completed with Updates Pending Fundraising Results
- Seeking Book / Distribution Deal

+ Documentary/Movie PreSale :: $28
- Online & DVD Version
- Seeking Movie / Distribution Deal

+ Book & Movie :: $42

+ Advertising :: Prices Vary (Negotiable Starting @ $1,000+)
- http://weedconnection.com/advertise
- Sell For Commission
- Inquire About Advertising @RussellRope & Media Buying

+ Media /etc Services :: Negotiable Starting @ $1,000+
- http://russellrope.com
- http://russellrope.com/blog/?p=11

+ Swag :: $10+
- Minium Donation = Sticker(s)
- http://weedconnection.com/swag
- More SWAG in Queue @ RR & WC
- Just Make a Donation & Mention What You Like

+ Investment :: (Starting @ $1,000+)
- Equity Capital Plan @ http://russellrope.com/blog/?p=21375

+ Employment
- Connect Work :: Jobs Log @ http://russellrope.com/blog/?p=427142

+ ROI/Fulfillment Date(s)
- Probably Pending Outcome of RICO Case
- ASAP Granted Enough Funds

+ ViP OG Party Reservations (Starting @ $1,000+)
- Connect for A-List Information
- Daily Reservations @ http://russellrope.com/blog/?p=2698

Just Launched Online Shop @RussellRope .com (click here)

* Shop / Inventory / Donation etc. Functional / Under Construction
* Cash, Checks, & Direct Deposits Preferred; Credit Accepted Here
* Mail @ 7095 Hollywood Blvd., #389, Los Angeles, CA 90028
* Connect For More Information

This is real. Russell is hard working, has always been generous with what he has, paid it forward, paid dues, and most of those who know have no excuse. It is actually amazing how the OG has lived this long minding his own completely legal business without steady work. From zero to a hundred to zero to a trill OG got a million ways to get it; please choose at least one. Feel welcome to connect for more information.

Email: info@russellrope.com