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First of all, I am human, so it is natural for me to compare and relate all things to my personal life. It is completely normal for me to draw parallels between politics and my federal lawsuit, and to question the scamdemic and how it has been affecting my life, and given both the web of lies and stakes at hand, it is fair to shine a light of honest perspective from the fact that powerful people have gone to great lengths to try and cut me down, they have probably violated others, and that their values make you question what they would do in effort hold on to stolen property and unchecked power.

I do not believe the "election fraud" is really what people think or is being claimed. I suspect that only one party is pulling two party strings and think it is time for us to evolve into a more modernized system. I said before that voting should be digital, online, and transparent to clear up all shadiness. The electoral vote is not American in my opinion.

I think Trump is onto something in regards to the media calling the election, but is it the media, or has the media fallen to information technology, and then you have to question the money and who is really playing God with the lives of others. Keyword "playing" and afraid of losing their ability to abuse power.

The opposition is trying to beat me in modern warfare; more than a game of chess, which has both sides are trying to cover all the angles and trap the opponent, minus the facts that this war is one-sided, I am only playing defense, and they refuse the lay their king down when I call legal checkmate, and then they try to rewrite the rules, but they are illiterate to what I have previously written, so here we are trying another style where they have been trying to create political "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenarios, but I am fortunate to have an ability to use better logic to write my way out of any trap. Said "election fraud" is a perfect example of the pigeon hole, divide, then conquer strategy.

Donald Trump is still POTUS and put three Justices on at SCOTUS where I have an active case. The newest justice should and could and very possibly sway the vote to terminate obstruction considering differences with the late Justice RBG. I voted for Trump again because he has more influence over SCOTUS. Assumed that Biden would win, at least the initial election, but considered how he ended the debates saying he would treat all Americans the same regardless of who they voted for, which I believed, and figured he would understand and not discriminate against my vote if it came down to my pleading to a third POTUS for legal support.

While I want to support some of Trump's fraud claims, I think he knows more than he is sharing, and the REAL truth is somewhere pending discovery in my lawsuit. I correctly predicted the winner of the past five elections, this is the first time I intentionally and with good reason voted for the loser. Honestly, I also voted against Kamala because she is still the enemy until proven otherwise. I am not a hater. I like both Trump and Biden, and suppose I could forgive the marijuana reform supporting CA AG who I voted for and also identified under seal probably to have intentionally and criminally conspired to neglect the false arrest that got my pistol confiscated and me kicked out of my family home without notice and when I was not prepared. Not to exclude Pence; seems like a good d00d too, but that fly took the prize. My politics favor whoever is most likely to support my lawsuit is upholding not only our Constitutional rights, but also American values. Unfortunately, the Defendants probably have a similar mindset, but probably expected me to vote differently in the past were not counting on what you are reading.

Biden might be in the grey area; perhaps blue could be the new green, we shall see, but whatever it is, I would like to see some changes and more green. Trump could also come to his last resort being full court support, but I am just saying Joe Biden seems like a stand up guy who might actually care about some of the issues I am facing, neglected or worse by Trump and Obama, but those problems really started to take effect during the Obama/Biden Pre-Trump administration; possibly in Bush or Clinton era, and it is going to take some serious digging or confessions to get to the bottom of things, which is less important to me than both justice and the top.

My case probably started with the first major violation being suspected poison at the age of 13 followed by my family moving into a number hack 132 house that was out of my parents' price but not class range. "132" as described in the key attached as an Exhibit to the FAC is the worst possible number combination if you were the second born of three children and each number represents one child by birth order. This is a "number hack" harassment to a second born, which replaced initial "187" murder death kill number hacks at Defendant Facebook. Not sure what the motive would have been back then; maybe onto my hacking, maybe some fuct up religious nonsense, maybe my parents were abducted by aliens and replaced with cult weirdos, and perhaps we will never know, but I do know that I am right about my case and I recently read something about Trump and/or QAnon publishing conspiracy theories about families sacrificing children for gain as could be the reality, but /whois tryna be like that if we can stop it and I doubt there are others with my exact claims but who have been oppressed.

Was a deal was made during the family vacation to DC when my father was president of his bar association that had something to do with shadiness and secret real estate meetings. It does not really matter so much as the legal matters based on scientific facts pertaining to things that matter to my business and I would find it hard to believe a lot of things expected from the process of Discovery. Perhaps to discredit where undeserved more so written elsewhere, and not to dishonor my father who I am much more intelligent than, he gave me some good advice before attempted misdirection started: 1) It is never too late for love, 2) If there is something you want to do just go do it, 3) Beverly Hills is where you want to live, and 4) Keep your mouth shut "KYMS" was actually the first piece of good advice, but I have been given too many personal reasons to remain quiet.

This is relevant to the Election Fraud, the Scamdemic, Fake News, and The Swamp. They are all one and the same and must be terminated. I am not saying go around deleting everyone's virtual lives, but there is a solution, and it could involve forcing change without disrupting anything other than fraudster schemes.

I can confidently state as a fact that election stats and virus stats on my fake newsfeed were all displaying number hacks corresponding to the recognizable pattern of racketeering activity that has been constant throughout my claims and supported by very obvious evidence. The boards that govern the companies behind the pro se legal clinics, public housing, and this whole web of darkness trying to dim my light are run by executives at equal employment opportunity rights violating career path relevant corporations, there are connections to the Major of instaGram or was it LA, all of them reliant on Respondent technology, probably taking bribes and basically there is a lot of corruption and modern systems of corruption being formed, which must be stopped if we are to have not limited to free will in the future.

One oF Their Strategies iS The Pigeon Hole
ex) Try To Make True Independent Claim Republican Then Coerce Crazy Democrats To Attack,
oR Claim Fairweather Democrat & Turn The Republicans Against & Claim Psycho

The Grass is Always Green On RR Side oF The Hill, They All Have Green-Eye Envy, So They Try To Create Misdirecting Red & Blue Conflicts & Then Sociopathic-ally Try To Take The RR Side oF The Hill Until They Realize That I Sowed More Grass On A New Hill And Try To Prevent Me From Reaping That Too; Delusional Thieves Who Can Not Keep Their Eyes On Their Own Paper Will Never Be Satisfied Where You Can Not Quench Thirst Fueled With GREED & ENVY

Politics Always About The Money; iF Not For The Politicians, Those Who Put Them On; PUPPETS

*Probably going to edit or add to this; or never look at it again and keep moving forward. This is only a simple text of a blog post; written quick, but if it influences someone to take action to terminate obstruction and clear a path for discovery then it was worth writing and for that reason I shall continue....

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