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* Just read an article that said it is illegal to ask if you are married and have kids in a job interview. Did not get a job like 10 years ago because the corporation wanted to know if I had my own family to support in response to a more than fair salary request. They are not the only company that does not want to pay me what I am worth because they do not want me to have enough money to reinvest in myself, which is necessary for growth, and what is not growing is dying, and we all need money to live in freedom; therefore, this illegal non-hiring tactic is basically attempted murder and false imprisonment, especially when there is conspiracy supported by evidence. Got justice? Karma says invest and/or legal victory including letting me cut down the illegal competition spawning from their knowing they can not compete fairly, and that is exactly the reality those thots and actions should attract.

Only few formal interviews out of like 10,000+ job applications since before graduating college in 2006:

- MSNBC: Connected through a speaker at an upper division online journalism course, had a phone interview with an entire team about a well paid internship for something to do with interactive news in Redmond, WA. Think they were going to hire and it got down to them asking if I had any questions. Should have asked for the job. Did not get it. This seemed legit, but also like they were looking for less than I was prepared to do.

- Sony Interactive: Sony wanted me to build websites for $75,000 a year right out of college. I had set a goal of $80,000 based on what some friends were making. Probably would have earned the rest through bonuses or side gigs, but I was basically all in on being an entrepreneur for anything less than what seemed like a fair if not humble mark. I would have taken the job for 75 had I anticipated the ridiculous amount of criminal sabotage by respected corporations attacking my start-up.

* Note that right after this, a guy who would not sell me a health insurance policy had this BS line about "the way to drive a [religion] person crazy" is to give them what they want. This really irritated me and has resonated with my disbelief based on not getting what I want unless I take it where I had no problem earning things straight up prior to legal allegations. If someone is honest, fair, and hardworking, and paying for a service you have the ability provide at no real cost to you, then you must give them what they deserve for their dollar. In this instance it was a humble pre-qualified PPO plan that was most probably being hated on by the fact that I have a loser older sibling who I was also trying to get enrolled because he has always been the least hygienic in the family, did not have insurance, which had already cost our parents cash, and that was a liability to all of us. This is relevant to EEO Fraud where people of the same religion have been conspiring to criminally sandbag me into a falsely entitled ageist order based on forced debt as false justification for theft and/or peonage.

- Disney Interactive: Coerced me into going all the way down to Whale's Vagina to interview for a Creative/Art Director position where they were conducting interviews at the SIGGRAPH computer graphics convention. They tried to change the job titles on me, to size me up, and to big brother me, literally turned their booth into a disco, and turned me off applying to Disney for the past decade. This was like an extreme bait and switch tactic where they aimed to catch a steal based on coercing greater investment into the bait being transportation time and money. ATTN Childish Haters: Go work for Disney. I heard it is a terrible place to work and prefer rated double R movies.

- [Not Alpha] Records: Shady start-up in Hollywood that also wanted to big brother me. I was not feeling the working environment and felt like they had less than what my business should have had with minor investment or a few more clients at the time. It was a trap and they probably knew I saw thru.

- Sony Interactive: Came back at me again a few years later when I updated both my skills and salary requirement to something like $143,777. This is the corporation I first started writing about, and I suspect other foul play while working on set of at least one show at SPE Studios this year. Now there is a new issue with Sony, which I am not prepared to expose as I am hoping they respond to recent emails.

- [VC Group]: I was invited to a VC Group venture capital event while touring the cannabis industry in San Francisco and surrounding areas. It was really weird and felt like a trick where I was supposed to present on video to be exploited. None of the businesses exhibiting were even close to in the same league, which I am sure is the case at most if not all of these VC fairs are less appealing than eating Shark Tank brains raw on rice comes with more exposure, but not enough funding to equal a year of salary for more than the creator.

- [Law Firm]: Interviewed for a Search Engine Marketing ("SEM") job I was way overqualified for and probably did not get it due to obstruction by third party more likely than any alternative. Kept seeing them trying to hire for the same stuff where there is no legit reason not to employ someone even on a temporary basis. The interview was probably conducted by puppet spies and my need for income intentionally neglected for the same reasons the racket does not want me to have access to any attorneys free from conspiracy.

- [Major Chocolate Brand]: Went through an online interview for I think a Senior Designer or Art Director job using Defendant Google communication technology. Godiva they kept saying my responses were "perfect" or "awesome" etc., then they started communicating with not so coy references to what Defendants in my lawsuit have been doing before completely ghosting me. They were talking about installing a computer at my residence for remote work. I believe they thought they were going to gain consensual access to screen watch and steal my creative processes. I was waiting for the job offer before raising this issue and think they ghosted me because they were hoping I would bomb the interview first, not just with them, but where Defendants are controlling the job boards and everything is connected. Doubt I am the only person affected and suspect I am the only strong enough to fight back.

* Ghosting is breaking off a relationship by ceasing all communication and contact with the former partner without any apparent warning or justification, as well as ignoring the former partner's attempts to reach out or communicate. Defendants have been abusing communication technology in conspiring to have romantic interests Ghost me most probably both as false justification for their criminal actions and to exploit my politely persistent communications.

- NBCU: I have been more persistent with applying to work at Comcast NBC Universal than any other media conglomeration because I had season passes, threw a big party, and practically grew up at Universal Studios Hollywood, which probably has the best studio lot in the Universe. I was starting to think I got banned by haters, but finally got booked to freelance on a few shows on sets at Universal this year, then the only response ever received from HR also confirmed more than suspicions regarding EEO fraud/conspiracy/RICO violations. The person who briefly responded to my questioning the hiring process was a name hack name containing my older brother's name thereby providing evidence supporting my allegations of discrimination based on age and religion that I do not even subscribe to. I can go on about this and NBCU, so if you are reading this, my advice is to can the falsely entitled lying first born fools, plus anyone you think hiring will misdirect the people from the truth, and make a real deal @RussellRope, or get hit with the next round of RICO.

- [GYM]: Submitted a solicited business proposal to a manager at my local gym, then also to corporate where I had also pitched less descriptive services and did a general resume submission. I do not really care to do any work directly with the gym like I do about other things, mostly applied because I need income and am already spending time there daily, but definitely want to advertise the gym on my domain name in dispute. I have also thought about using the regulars in my ventures, but that is not relevant right now. Let me know if you are reading.

- [Hospitality]: Submitting proposals and resumes to everywhere I have too many ins at for over a decade in Hollywood/Los Angeles, to Vegas, to New York, and beyond. Based on my experience, this is all obviously being sabotaged in relation to everything else. Never forget 1) I am much more intelligent than all of you, 2) I am always right, 3) I can read your minds, and 4) bring me some money please.

- [Tech Company]: Defendants obviously do not want me to have righteous communication/information technology ins, so I will take it with inevitable Federal Court wins.

- [Cannabis Businesses]: Turn down for what? I fly high until I die. Advertise @WeedConnection; Sell RRP/WC For Commisison !$!

* Visited the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") office located in the Federal/Court building downtown and was criminally neglected by staff cast by name hack corresponding to Defendants named under seal in federal lawsuit. They completely skipped investigation and provided the after investigation letter informing me of my right to sue in the very same federal court lying about my right to sue. Still waiting for the 9th Circuit to cut the bullshit....

I am a Sherlock who does not believe in coincidences and this is all connected to the things I have been complaining about in federal court where justice is being obstructed for what? I do not subscribe to lies. More truth in queue....

(WRQ @ 12/15/2018) * Written Real Quick ("WRQ")

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