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:: 8-10mi Round Trip ::
:: High Above the Clouds ::
:: 360 Degree View from the Peak ::
:: Hardest Trail in Malibu Creek State Park ::
:: Plans to Trade this Backyard for City Light ::

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:: Finally climbed the hill across from the rents house ::
:: The hard way; straight up the face; outgrown this place ::

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Blazin’ Trails w/My New Kicks

About six months ago, give or take, I broke our treadmill from running too hard. Considered sabotage at first; regular use, accompanied by serious noise and minor earthquake factor was prolly annoying for those whom I live with. After taking the thing apart and remembering some sounds from when it functioned, I decided that was not the case. The broken rear rollbar/parts can’t be replaced, my old indoor basketball shoes are no good outdoors, and I’m not a fan of public gyms, so I haven’t ran since, but I’ve been regularly active.

Today I bought a pair of all terrain Nike Trail Running shoes; good for the track or streets, and kinda cleated for z trails. The curved bottom in the front of the shoe really keeps you on your toes and the thick cushiony sole made me feel light on my feet as I broke in these kicks for the first time. I took these sweet shoes and new i-Phone arm band for a run on the trails through some semi-local hills. I think it would have been best to have waited longer than about 30 minutes after eating. I felt nauseous after the first mile and a half, but I was motivated to keep going after a group of girls who I think were soccer players passed me. The view for as long as I could keep up was as nice as the view in the video below. Thanks to the ladies for guiding me to Lizard Rock.


If you can’t see the video then you should download Google Chrome.