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This video is more like three random videos and an audio recording all mixed together. The footage of Russell Rope playing the electric guitar was filmed about six months ago. The recording of Russell playing the same original tune was made last week. The model was shot in the beginning of February. The visual effects were created somewhere inbetween. This presentation is more about the eye candy than the music. RRP is fit to produce much more advanced work. Connect @ info@RussellRope.com

Russell Rope
Russell Rope


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Started relearning guitar mid summer.

Playing the guitar has become a regular activity.

RR Electric Guitar
RR Electric Guitar - Got this when I was 12.

Started to play when I was young, but didn’t get really into it until recently.

Acoustic Guitar
RR Acoustic Guitar - Got this when I was 9 or 10.

Check back to see video of me playing.