SmokeOut Protest @ Downtown LA

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SmokeOut Protest @ Downtown Los Angeles
Event Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2012 04:20:00 PST
Location: City Hall & Federal Building, Los Angeles, CA
Video @: (mobile edit)

Russell Rope & Weed Connection protest with BReal, Tommy Chong, Kottonmouth Kings (Lou Dog, Daddyx, JRichter, DLoc), Supernatural, Guerilla Union, Don Duncan, ASA, & many more cannabis friends @ City Hall & Federal Building @ Downtown Los Angeles

Click link above for video; click photo below for full-size pop-up.

SmokeOut Protest @ Downtown LA
SmokeOut Protest @ Downtown LA

More media from protest coming someday…

Some Old Concert Videos

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Not the best videos we have made, but not bad for shooting from the crowd, using p.o.s. camera, and being with someone who needed to get out for fresh air between sets. Thought about not publishing because of quality, but the videos were shot, chopped up, and rendered.

Tommy Chong

Cypress Hill

Snoop & DPG

Travis Barker & Mix Master Mike

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