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It was a mostly successful birthday with an awesome party and a special dinner that definitely topped the past few years. It would have been nice to see and hear from a few more old friends have not been forgotten. Thanks to those who deserve it know who they are. Back to work on making the birthday wish come true.

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@RussellRope ‘s #ViP #OG #Birthday #Party @LureHollywood ft. #BoneThugs

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A-ListeRs in the house. RRP did some extra work for this and good karma’s reward was a “ground hog” day party; like the kind you could relive a few times. It has been a while since RRP created evites or used our email lists to promote an event. Not to take all or most of the credit, thanks to Lure, promoter friends, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and the Pimp of the Ropes.

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Thankful for Life @RussellRope #BornOnThanksgiving (Birthday is November 25th)

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Cruised up north for business and was invited to stay for an Angel Capital Expo in San Francisco. Also visited some collectives for @WeedConnection

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First time staying in Silicon Valley. Visited several companies for various reasons. Still want to see the Apple “space station.”

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FB like button not working on this post and several other posts. Also, the hottest “bitch” ever came up with that name herself. LoL.

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Video from Halloween. This night was as tight as our first Halloween @ Playboy Mansion and we expect the party to continue evolving. Thanks to homie REBEL for setting the vibe with sick tunes. Party @LureHollywood tonight!

Nightclub videos shot & edited on smart phone. Change viewing quality settings to HD.