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RRP Newsletter :: Aug 2012 (for new subscribers)
RRP Newsletter :: Aug 2012
W. Connection Newsletter :: Aug 2012

– Recycled last months newsletter for 10,000 new subscribers.
– Used only one image in the other newsletters to test the delivery/open rate.
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RRP is expanding to New York and beyond while gearing up to launch our new mainstream digital publication. RRP seeks business and strategic partners in New York while visiting this October. New clients to be featured in the New York section of our elite infotainment resource. RRP already has a few thousand select subscribers and a solid amount of personal connections in the area. Please check out the professional services we have to offer and connect @RussellRope

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Sometimes, like today, RRP goes back in time and publishes videos where they belong on the timeline. Other times videos are posted as soon as mobile style; on location. RRP has produced many videos, and they range in quality over quantity costs money. Use RRP services for uber quality. In viewing, change quality settings to HD. The five videos posted today are the most recent Hollywood nightclub videos. These videos were shot and edited with a smart phone. Click “video” or “nightlife” tags for easy access.


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