Some Old Concert Videos

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Not the best videos we have made, but not bad for shooting from the crowd, using p.o.s. camera, and being with someone who needed to get out for fresh air between sets. Thought about not publishing because of quality, but the videos were shot, chopped up, and rendered.

Tommy Chong

Cypress Hill

Snoop & DPG

Travis Barker & Mix Master Mike

Full Story @WeedConnection (Click Here)

Calm @ the Beach

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WoRkinG’ @theBeach on mobile video editing appz need to be upgraded for HD mobile video @RRP plz hurry the fup thnx!

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DomainNameInDispute is a new mainstream digital publication with an emphasis on, but not limited to technology, arts, and lifestyle. This publication has been planned for years, fully functional prototype developed in January, and launch has been delayed since February due to both “civil fraud” and “civil conspiracy” connected to a domain name dispute. Someone is obstructing justice while we are still seeking legal representation.

DomainNameInDispute is powered by a new Content Management System (CMS), which is an upgraded version of the Weed Connection CMS. Additionally, the new CMS and DomainNameInDispute are integrated with innovative new media and video publishing technology. We are always producing, publishing, and expanding @RussellRope and @WeedConnection.