Brain Food & Drink & Kush

RRP presents Brain Food & Drink & Kush :: Video compilation of random & mostly mobile photos of things shot & consumed by Russell Rope. Most medical edibles have little to no effect on me, therefore I rarely consume them, nor do I drink excessively. Although I’m a good chef, it’s my preference to eat out, which we don’t do as often as I like. Hopefully this video appeals both to your sense of humor and to the likings of our restaurant friends; there is much we can do to boost your business. In conclusion, FEED ME! Advertise here. Use RRP services.

Star Warez Burlesque

Software piracy is wrong. Star Wars themed burlesque is right. The only exception for WaReZ is for the starving and ethical hacker who needs it on the front. This video was possibly shot before we did indeed get permission. The original edit was possibly cut on some warez a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. RRP made good on the possible front and owns legal licenses to all of our software. Star Warez Burlesque presented by :: Event produced & created by friends of RRP. Thnx CF!

Mac Pro Chrome Startup

A tip for Mac users: If you have certain applications, which you regularly use and have to load up every time you boot your comp, or if there are programs that you don’t want to load when you boot up: Click on Apple Icon top left corner > System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items.

Google Chrome has similar settings for loading multiple homepages on startup: Click on Chrome next to Apple Icon > Preferences > On Startup > Use Current Pages. Now they need to make it so we can have it load multiple tabs in multiple windows. It’s great how most of the apps remember their window sizes and locations.

RRP Dual Monitor Desktop Setup

RRP Dual Monitor Desktop Setup

Twitter Desktop App

Now running the Twitter desktop app. This thing is a beast, which allows following of our tweeps in the corner of secondary monitor, in a live news-ticker style, while being logged into all of our Twitter accounts simulatneousteez.

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