Running Lion

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Just upgraded OS to Lion & reconfigured a bunch of ish. Really like the way you can push content around and the new swipe feature. Playing with some mobile application development amongst other projects. Had to upgrade in order to download XCode 421. Check out the mobile sites we are working on for:

XCode 421 RRP iPhone App
XCode 421 RRP iPhone App

Creek/Trail Run Mobile Edit

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Just went for a run, downloaded a video editing app for my smart phone, and this is what I made. Going to upgrade to a phone with a better camera and have some ideas how to make this more pro-style… for the next one. Keep in mind this is a mobile video editing and blogging test.

Music = “Running with a Gun” by Slightly Stoopid (their management sent me this mp3)

T-Day B-Day

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Thanksgiving is always extra special at RRP because Russell Rope was actually born on Thanksgiving. Believe it or not, this Turkey is still breathing and mostly thankful to be alive. We like to do stuff to show our appreciation this time of year. Last year we donated to a charity whose mission is to provide everyone in the world with clean drinking water. This year we made a small donation to the free encyclopedia. While we do what we can for other causes like freedom of information and feeding the hungry, our main cause is the reform of laws which govern the medicinal, recreational, and industrial uses of the cannabis hemp plant. Please take a few minutes to help the cause. Click Here!

Happy/Hempy Thanksgiving!
Happy/Hempy Thanksgiving!

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Started relearning guitar mid summer.

Playing the guitar has become a regular activity.

RR Electric Guitar
RR Electric Guitar - Got this when I was 12.

Started to play when I was young, but didn’t get really into it until recently.

Acoustic Guitar
RR Acoustic Guitar - Got this when I was 9 or 10.

Check back to see video of me playing.