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December 31, 2012 @ 9:00 pm – December 31, 2012 @ 5:00 am
Private Mansion
Secret Location
Russell Rope

New Years Eve 2013 :: Hollywood Hills Mansion Party

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2 Floors:

South Beach Theme:

Lower level club with tented patio/outdoor lounge around the pool with tables and cabana placement and indoor Lounge, Dance floor and table placement in both areas, DJ in the club. View of the entire city.

Utra Lounge:

Upper level ultra lounge with Dance floor and DJ plus outdoor lounge. Upper class lounge theme. The party will have different sections themed in Red, black and white color furniture and ambiance lighting. Go Go Dancers, Performers…Capacity is 2000 people!

DJ Steve Castro (soundcloud remix)
DJ Jeremy Kost & Frank Donna
DJ Nick Ansom
DJ Michaelis

$150 tickets include open bar from 9pm to 5am

Table Service:

Table Package $1500
3 Tickets, 2 Bottles Grey Goose

Table Package Silver: $2000
6 Tickets, 2 Bottles Grey Goose & 1 Bottle of Champagne (Moet)

Table Package Bronze: $3500
10 tickets, 4 bottles Grey Goose & 2 Bottles of Champagne (Moet)

Table Package Gold: $5000
15 Tickets, 6 Bottles of Grey Goose & 3 Bottles of Champagne (Moet)

Table Package Platinum VIP Area: $10k
20 Tickets, 5 Magnum Grey Goose, 3 Dom Perignons & 3 Moet Champagne Bottles

Table Package High Roller Vip Area: $15k
20 Tickets, 6 magnum Grey Goose, 3 Dom Perignons & 3 Ace of Spades Champagne bottles

Available Special bottles for purchase at the party on special request: Dom Perignon, Ace of Spades, Moet

All tickets are hard tickets and paid in Cash. Some exceptions can be made for larger table amounts.

Guests will call the number on the ticket the day of the event to get the address of shuttle location for the event to prevent unwanted people to show up and create a mess and also to keep the location secret.

For more info, tickets, & tables call or txt Russell or email @

ViP Reservation Request Form


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