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“The Let’s Keep It Simple Plan”
Rewritten Friday, Oct. 25, 2013 & Modified Jan. 2015
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My legal name is Russell Rope and I am a business; also known as RR Productions (RRP) and registered as Weed Connection LLC. Located in Los Angeles County, CA, USA, I have been conducting business as RR Productions (under several names) since 1995. Weed Connection LLC was legally established in January of 2007, with roots planted in 1997, which was after the initial passing of Proposition 215 in California. Several other ventures in development can also be included the mix, which is why RRP++ seeks funding for an umbrella production company.


RRP++ business ventures use and innovate several methods of monetization including advertising, media and marketing services, merchandise and affiliate sales. A more detailed and evolving history of the general development of the products and services is available on the RRP blog. The relative importance of each principal product or service to the volume of the business and to its profits is reflected by use of time spent.


Real and physical property are both intellectual property and the business, which are not only adaptably integrated into various ventures through custom user interfaces and processes, but also happen to be constantly evolving. Valuable property also consists of a civil lawsuit (got legal rep?) worth $100,000,000++.


RRP++ specializes in marketing. Everyone is a potential customer, client, partner, fan, friend, follower, etc. Always marketing, surveying, and studying the industries, it is feasible to say there are many ways to generate a proper return on investment, but it is impossible to say which will be most successful. The RRP++ system for distributing products and services is both balanced and efficient.


RRP++ business is most competitive. Conditions in the industry in which this business is engaged have been like the wild west and are settling into an organized wild west. Everyone including our mothers, fathers, and brothers are and can be viewed as competition not to be trusted without a contract that can be understood without a dictionary; simultaneously, no one is competition. Russell is the original genius creator in competitive position relative to largest and smallest competitors. Pricing policies for various monetization methods are currently based on a fair and evolving combination of time, experience, value, and market research.


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For years, RRP++ has been working to raise $100,000,000+ and is now requesting the maximum amounts from multiple SBICs and/or SSBICs: $100,000,000+ every 10 years for the next 100 years equaling a total of $1,000,000,000 in equity capital. We are building a company that is going to last forever. Funds to be used for real estate, technology, marketing, production expenses, human resources, and possibly reinvesting. Benefits expected to be gained from the financing include, but are not limited to: expansion, improvement in financial position, expense reduction, increase in efficiency, etc.
Balance 1995-2013 = $100+, Profit = $100+, Loss = Time++
Detailed projections of revenues, expenses, and net earnings for the coming year = $100,000,000++

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