Everyone Needs a Place to Call Home

iMMa Entrepreneur / Creator

Tried to Make Some Deals for a Home

Fraudsters Played Con aka Fraud to That

Worse Than Tainted Homes & Have Not Stopped

So iMMa Build Something Fresh

Enter Civil Remedies for Fraud

aka "Benefit of the Bargain" Plus Interest

Legit Claim to The Mtn; Only Introduced @ SCOTUS

Has Not Been Dismissed, Nor Have John Does 1 to 10


Based on a Solid Foundation of XP

w/ IT, Design, & 3D Expertise

Tons of Archisoftware Tutorials

Seen Like Every Relevant Video

Series, Ted Talks, Documentaries, etc.

Legos (Not Limited to Robotics) Champion

#aRcHiTeCtURe @RussellRope
#aRcHiTeCtURe @RussellRope


The Evolution Starts w/a Lot

"Theย  Mountain" Entered RR Picture

Formerly "The Crown Jewel of Beverly Hills"

Also Known As "The Vineyard" w/a Shady

History, & Connection to RR

Long Before Starting this Project


RR The Architect Logic is Simple

& Sane AF; an Evolution of Interests

First 3D Home Design was in

College @ Roman Art & Architecture

Still Got the VR Files Somewhere ....


& Learning Software

First Basic 3D Layout of the Land

Mapped it on Top of that Satellite Image

Primary Satellite Image Address is Current

Secondary Address in Images is Pending Reality


Should Have Won by Now :: Itz Inevitable



#aRcHiTeCtURe @RussellRope
#aRcHiTeCtURe @RussellRope
#aRcHiTeCtURe @RussellRope
#aRcHiTeCtURe @RussellRope


of Design

Until it can not be Improved

Often by not Being Able to Take Something Away

& Education Times Infinity


This is Kinda to Scale but Needs a Proper

ReDo or a Few & w/Exact Measurements


Started to get Curvilinear w/it

Then was Forced to Move Again ....
Architecture Venture on Pause

Started Learning & Modeling Again (11/2022)
More Images @ย

#aRcHiTeCtURe @RussellRope


Thinking Homegrown Hempcrete

From Additional Cannabis Hemp Ranch

Hybrid 3D Printed Construction & Everything Solar

etc., etc., etc.,


Upon Legal Victory



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