#AllAboutTheMoney vs. #Love @RussellRope

vs. LOVE @RussellRope

Haters illegally cutting income & trying to force debt for 10+ years & the following is still happening on a daily basis.


1) Personal Investment @RRP/WC = Everything (21+ Years)
2) Time is Money = On 24/7/365 -12/3.5/182.5(Stolen Time)

Sabotaged Sales/Funding Efforts:

3) Sales/Clients: Cold Calls, Internet, Door-to-Door (Used to Work)
4) Employment: Thousands of applications where qualified (No Callbacks)
5) Venture Capital: Pitched most VCs Online & Cold Calls, Door-to-Door (No Callbacks)
6) Crowd Funding: Case study of all platformsรขโ‚ฌยฆ multiple efforts sabotaged? (Zero Raised)
7) Loan Applications: Excellent credit score, paid off student loan, & denied everywhere = Lies & Hacked w/Proof

Sabotaged Social Media & Reach/Stats(w/Evidence):
8) Disabled, Terminated, Sabotaged Social Media etc. (Most Services)
9) Statistically Impossible Stats & Return on Comm. (Msgs, Evites, etc.)
10) Online threat, harassment, stalking repeated similarly in real life. (GPS Hacks)

Stolen Hard Money:
11) Unlawful Arrest/iLLegal Bail, Court Costs = $6,000+
12) Fraudulently Terminated Bank Accounts = $3,000
13) Money Stolen By Fraud Lender = $700 (Refund inQ?)
14) Car: Vandalism, Planned Accidents, etc. = $10,000/10 years?

Truth = Greedy haters stealing from Robin Hood Rope

Haters/enabling communication corporations robbing the Rope unprovoked

Legal Battle:

15) Reported to & neglected by Sheriffs, LAPD, DA, FBI, SS, Politicians, etc.
16) Filed Federal RICO Lawsuits vs. Enabling Inc./Haters (Fraud Dismissed? Refile?)
17) Filed State Lawsuit vs. Enabling Inc./Haters
18) Filed Lawsuit vs. Bank
*Read the DEFENSE Blog

How is RR Functioning?:
19) Good Question; WTF!? Read Unwritten Chapters
20) Financial Haters Hardly Covers iT
21) #FreeTheOG @RussellRope = 100% Legal


+ #CrowdFund #CaseStudy @ $RRP++
+ Equity Capital Proposal @ RR Productions
+ Minimum Fundraising Spending Plan Proposal
+ Detailed Business Plan & Presentation Per Serious Request
+ Business Media Kits @ RRP++
+ Legal Trill OG: LA-CV14-04900++
+ About/Resume/Portfolio/Links @RussellRope

Fund RRP Zero To 100 Trill OG

Written @RussellRope = The Real Deal

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