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It was a mostly successful birthday with an awesome party and a special dinner that definitely topped the past few years. It would have been nice to see and hear from a few more old friends have not been forgotten. Thanks to those who deserve it know who they are. Back to work on making the birthday wish come true.

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Thankful for Life @RussellRope #BornOnThanksgiving (Birthday is November 25th)

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Brain Food & Drink & Kush

RRP presents Brain Food & Drink & Kush :: Video compilation of random & mostly mobile photos of things shot & consumed by Russell Rope. Most medical edibles have little to no effect on me, therefore I rarely consume them, nor do I drink excessively. Although I’m a good chef, it’s my preference to eat out, which we don’t do as often as I like. Hopefully this video appeals both to your sense of humor and to the likings of our restaurant friends; there is much we can do to boost your business. In conclusion, FEED ME! Advertise here. Use RRP services.