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The Den of Hollywood

The Den of Hollywood

The Den of Hollywood

First time @ The Den of Hollywood. This place is located on the East side of West Hollywood Sunset Strip. Got there around eleven on a Saturday and waited line for at least twenty minutes. The venue is small and reaches capacity quick. There are two bars, which get crowded, but the selection of both good and uncommon beers on tap made up for the wait. Had we not been with a large group of friends, the crowd would have been off. Probably will not return unless it is for another birthday or for business.

Brain Food & Drink & Kush

RRP presents Brain Food & Drink & Kush :: Video compilation of random & mostly mobile photos of things shot & consumed by Russell Rope. Most medical edibles have little to no effect on me, therefore I rarely consume them, nor do I drink excessively. Although I’m a good chef, it’s my preference to eat out, which we don’t do as often as I like. Hopefully this video appeals both to your sense of humor and to the likings of our restaurant friends; there is much we can do to boost your business. In conclusion, FEED ME! Advertise here. Use RRP services.

#White #Yoda

White Yoda
Acquired From: HiP of W. Hills or Green Cure of Venice Beach, Costco & Ralphs
Price: $21+

This one is for our bong tokin alcoholics…

Bong Tokin Alcoholics is an OG song by the Kottonmouth Kings (play button below photo). Psychadelic Hip Hop Punk Rock. Check them out. Smoking, drinking, getting the joint rocking and stinking is a Weed Connection thing. Well, more of an occansional thing as of recent daze. Just because Weed Connection is a medical cannabusiness does not mean we are not allowed to like to drink. That is what some of the indsustry likes to think. Running the ropes requires proper hydration. Next time you get your stink and drink on try this simple recipe for a White Yoda: three equal parts vodka, kahlua, and milk; and one part Yoda OG. Get some Yoda OG Kush from one of the collectives named above. Make sure to mention Weed Connection.

White Yoda OG Kush

White Yoda

This is for entertainment. We don’t promote substance abuse.